Samos and Fourni – A Journey through the Birthplace of Pythagoras

16-25 May, 2017

During this exceptional trip, we’ll explore the mountainous isle of Samos, one of Greece’s most spectacular islands. This is where Pythagoras was born, and where the largest sanctuary to the goddess Hera can be found – the Heraion of Samos. Circumnavigating the island, we’ll see the Aegean Sea’s highest peak overlooking the green slopes, then we’ll paddle through forests and past waterfalls, and cool off in a hidden spring by a monastery high above a solitary bay. We’ll leave our footprints on golden sands by clear turquoise water, and paddle in the shadow of imposing cliffs. And of course we’ll visit the taverns to sample the famous local cuisine washed down with fine wine. On the eastern side, we’ll paddle the straits that separate Greece and Turkey, just 1.5 km wide, then cross open sea to the Fourni groups of isles, where time stands still and authentic Greece awaits us.
We’ll paddle around 25 km per day, and camp on secluded beaches or sleep in guestrooms in the villages.

  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer

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