Alaska – the last frontier

Imagine you’re paddling past iceberg splinters accompanied by seals, sea lions and whales, while watching black bears and birds of prey…
Immediately upon landing at Anchorage, you’ll feel you’re in another world where the air is clean, clear and invigorating. For eight days, we’ll paddle far from any signs of civilization, beyond cell-phone reception, carrying all our food and equipment inside our kayaks. We’ll get our water from the streams, set up our tents at the end of the day’s paddle, hang our food high in the trees out of reach of the greedy bears, and in the long northern summer evenings we’ll warm ourselves around an open fire, passing round a bottle and a tale.
We’ll explore the wilderness of Prince William Sound – long and winding bays leading to where the ice floes thunder into the water, snow-covered peaks, and green slopes of temperate rainforest.
This is bear country – and we are only guests…

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  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer

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