Canary Islands – Sculpting Nature

Lanzarote Island is the northernmost of seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Northern Africa. This volcanic island is decorated with 300 inactive volcanoes. Beaches with sand and basalt create dramatic natural sculptures. The experience of paddling in the Atlantic Ocean with swells and wind is different from everything with which we are familiar. From the northern side of the island, we will cross over to the deserted Grasiosa Island. “La Grasiosa”, as it is also known, is a nature reserve, although brick town houses adorn the southern side of the island, where the water temperature and the wealth of fish make it perfect for swimming and diving. Another island we will visit is Isla de Lobos, located between Lanzarote and southern Fuerteventura. In the evenings we will enjoy at restaurants, indulging in seafood, tapas and local delicacies. The Canary Islands undoubtedly provides a once-in-a-lifetime paddling, environmental and gastronomic experience.

  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer

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