Samos and Fourni

Samos and Fourni – A Journey through the Birthplace of Pythagoras

16-25 May, 2017

During this exceptional trip, we’ll explore the mountainous isle of Samos, one of Greece’s most spectacular islands. This is where Pythagoras was born, and where the largest sanctuary to the goddess Hera can be found – the Heraion of Samos. Circumnavigating the island, we’ll see the Aegean Sea’s highest peak overlooking the green slopes, then we’ll paddle through forests and past waterfalls, and cool off in a hidden spring by a monastery high above a solitary bay. We’ll leave our footprints on golden sands by clear turquoise water, and paddle in the shadow of imposing cliffs. And of course we’ll visit the taverns to sample the famous local cuisine washed down with fine wine. On the eastern side, we’ll paddle the straits that separate Greece and Turkey, just 1.5 km wide, then cross open sea to the Fourni groups of isles, where time stands still and authentic Greece awaits us.
We’ll paddle around 25 km per day, and camp on secluded beaches or sleep in guestrooms in the villages.

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Shetland – Seals and Cliffs

Just above 60 degrees latitude, there are more than 100 islands that are the northernmost of the British Isles. Of these, only 15 are inhabited, comprising a melting pot of Celtic and Viking culture. Traveling along the foothills of the Isle of Noss, where about a million birds nest in the giant cliffs, we will feel like we are paddling in a Hitchcock movie! Along Papa Stour Island, we will discover a labyrinth of countless sea caves that cross the island from side to side. In the sea, we will meet seals, puffins and possibly orcas (killer whales, which are not considered a threat to humans!). With 18 hours of daylight, we will have plenty of time to explore the islands and enjoy the long dusk with a glass of whiskey and salmon at the entrance of the tent we’ll set-up on the endless stretch of grass. In the main village – the main port of the Shetland Islands – the colorful Lerwick, we will indulge in the musical heritage of Shetland’s local pubs.

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Seychelles – paddling in paradise

The Seychelles archipelago is described as “a string of pearls set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean”. The bold colors of the coral reefs – turquoise, green and blue – and the crystal-clear waters enable you to watch the fish and sea turtles while kayaking.
The beaches are bright with clean, white sand, that yield to coconut trees and tropical forests. We will be staying on a modern sailing yacht with luxurious accommodations, air-conditioned cabins, a large deck, a fabulous crew and a local chef. 
We will begin each day with a morning paddling trip and will return for an indulgent lunch topped off with a siesta, after which we will head out for an afternoon paddle. Each day we will visit a different island or will “island hop” while the yacht remains close at our disposal to serve our every need. The paddling may be challenging at times, with swells and wind from the Indian Ocean. The water is warm and pleasant, and each island has a quiet side, protected from wind and waves.
This holiday is also suitable for spouses/partners who do not kayak, but may prefer scuba diving, snorkeling, island tours and relaxing on the beach or on the yacht.

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Canary Islands

Canary Islands – Sculpting Nature

Lanzarote Island is the northernmost of seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Northern Africa. This volcanic island is decorated with 300 inactive volcanoes. Beaches with sand and basalt create dramatic natural sculptures. The experience of paddling in the Atlantic Ocean with swells and wind is different from everything with which we are familiar. From the northern side of the island, we will cross over to the deserted Grasiosa Island. “La Grasiosa”, as it is also known, is a nature reserve, although brick town houses adorn the southern side of the island, where the water temperature and the wealth of fish make it perfect for swimming and diving. Another island we will visit is Isla de Lobos, located between Lanzarote and southern Fuerteventura. In the evenings we will enjoy at restaurants, indulging in seafood, tapas and local delicacies. The Canary Islands undoubtedly provides a once-in-a-lifetime paddling, environmental and gastronomic experience.

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Classic Greek Adventure

Greece is the ideal trip for first-time paddlers, and the perfect place for a kayaking vacation. Many have done this trip again and again. When paddling, you get a little of everything. Weaving through rocks, caves and along cliffs, crossing from island to island in the open sea, paddling in peaceful crystal-clear water, as well as challenging seas, with wind and waves. And in between: Hiking on goat trails in the hills to a monastery, to a village with its local taverna, or swimming, snorkeling and taking a lazy afternoon nap in a hidden cove. The day ends with a culinary adventure at one of the island’s restaurants, or by the campfire on a remote beach. Sleeping accommodations are in hotel rooms or tents.

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