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Trips and expeditions

Change your perspective of the world

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Courses and Training

More than a sport. A life skill

טרהסנטה – מועדון הקיאקים

The Club

A day on the water is a special day

Make kayaking part of your life

What can we offer you?
To start your day on the water, to be part of the friendliest kayak club
on the Mediterranean,
and of course a smile
that will last for hours.

Trips and expeditions

See the world from a
new perspective, only accessible by kayaks.
We have been organizing unforgettable trips and expeditions for decades. Come join us.

Its time to take the plunge

There’s no time like the present to book yourself
a trial lesson and get into
a kayak. What do you need
to bring? Just some sandals and a smile.
The rest is on us.

Trips & Expeditions

Terra Santa’s Kayaking Expeditions are “once in a lifetime” trips that you’ll want to do more than just once! Each trip is tailored to different kayaking skill levels and adventures consistent with the landscape, enhanced by great food, friends and sightseeing.

Kayaking trips are planned to truly exciting destinations by Terra Santa throughout the year, but may also be requested for private groups of 6-20 people. Group sizes are limited to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the participants. Contact us for more information about pricing, availability or planning your own kayaking adventure in cooperation with Terra Santa.

Upcoming Trips

נורווגיה - זוהר צפוני ולווייתנים

טרומסו, עיר שמחה בצפון נורווגיה, היא אחד המקומות המושלמים ביותר לצפייה בזוהר הצפוני ובלוויתנים. בזכות זרם הגולף – לא קופאים מי הים והלוויתנים מגיעים לשם בהמוניהם. הוסיפו לכך את מעט שעות האור הרך וברקע את תפאורת ההרים המושלגים, את בקתות העץ המפנקות בהן נלון, הסאונה, מרק הדגים וטיול מזחלות הכלבים ...

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Canary Islands

[ September 3 - 10, 2017 ] Lanzarote Island is the northernmost of seven islands located in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Northern Africa. This volcanic island is decorated with 300 inactive volcanoes. Beaches with sand and basalt create dramatic natural sculptures. The experience of paddling in the Atlantic ...

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Samos and Fourni

[16-25 May, 2017] During this exceptional trip, we’ll explore the mountainous isle of Samos, one of Greece’s most spectacular islands. This is where Pythagoras was born, and where the largest sanctuary to the goddess Hera can be found – the Heraion of Samos. Circumnavigating the island, we’ll see the Aegean ...

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[ June 20 - 29, 2017 ] Greece is the ideal trip for first-time paddlers, and the perfect place for a kayaking vacation. Many have done this trip again and again. When paddling, you get a little of everything. Weaving through rocks, caves and along cliffs, crossing from island to island ...

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[ June 18-27, 2017] Just above 60 degrees latitude, there are more than 100 islands that are the northernmost of the British Isles. Of these, only 15 are inhabited, comprising a melting pot of Celtic and Viking culture. Traveling along the foothills of the Isle of Noss, where about a million ...

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[ January 6 - 13, 2018 ] The Seychelles archipelago is described as "a string of pearls set in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean". The bold colors of the coral reefs - turquoise, green and blue – and the crystal-clear waters enable you to watch the fish and sea ...

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About us 

Terra Santa Kayak Club is the largest professional kayaking club in Israel. Founded in 1998 by Omer Singer and Saggi ‎Nechushtan, the club operates from two locations: Herzliya Marina and the Blue Marina in Ashdod. Both Omer and Saggi ‎are fully certified British Canoeing instructors and have decades of experience leading kayak expeditions around the world.

Catering for beginners to advanced paddlers, the club offers a wide variety of courses in both sea and river kayaking, expeditions abroad, symposiums, and the friendliest daily paddles and kayaking events on the Mediterranean.

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    Omer Singer

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