Shetland – Seals and Cliffs

Just above 60 degrees latitude, there are more than 100 islands that are the northernmost of the British Isles. Of these, only 15 are inhabited, comprising a melting pot of Celtic and Viking culture. Traveling along the foothills of the Isle of Noss, where about a million birds nest in the giant cliffs, we will feel like we are paddling in a Hitchcock movie! Along Papa Stour Island, we will discover a labyrinth of countless sea caves that cross the island from side to side. In the sea, we will meet seals, puffins and possibly orcas (killer whales, which are not considered a threat to humans!). With 18 hours of daylight, we will have plenty of time to explore the islands and enjoy the long dusk with a glass of whiskey and salmon at the entrance of the tent we’ll set-up on the endless stretch of grass. In the main village – the main port of the Shetland Islands – the colorful Lerwick, we will indulge in the musical heritage of Shetland’s local pubs.

  • Saggi Nechushtan
    Omer Singer

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